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The Services we Offer

DRG Consulting Ltd is a full service Tourism Consultancy providing support to destinations, tourism and 3rd sector businesses of all types. We provide support through a broad range of services.

Feasibility Studies

  • Commercial/Financial Forecasting
  • Business Planning
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Segmentation and planning

Exhibition Design and Management

  • Exhibition Conceptualisation, Master Planning and Design
  • Exhibition Project Management
  • Interpretation Planning and Design
  • Exhibit and Interpretation Evaluation
  • Exhibition Installation
  • Institutional Collection Planning and Review
  • Life Support System Advice
  • Quarantine Planning
  • Livestock Acquisition
  • Activity Planning

Project Management

  • Full project management to PMI standards
  • Project Scope Development
  • Project Schedule Planning
  • Budget Planning and management

Operational Management

  • Interim Management
  • Mystery Shopper Service
  • Operational Systems Review
  • Ethical Review
  • Marketing Review and Planning
  • Legislative Compliance Advice and Guidance
  • Husbandry Systems Review and Advice
  • Research and Conservation Review and Advice
  • Business Contingency Planning

Staff Development

  • Management Mentoring
  • Staffing Level Reviews
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Recruitment Advice and Guidance
  • Benchmarking

Place Management

  • Signage Strategies
  • Heritage and Built Environment Maintenance Planning
  • Visitor Interpretation
  • Communities, Culture and Event Planning

Mystery Shopping

  • Customer Experience analysis
  • In-depth Visitor Insights
  • Critical Analysis of Visitor Journey and Interactions

DRG Consulting Ltd often works with a range of other consultants and companies in order to deliver truly turnkey services. These other partners often include Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Marketing Professionals, Environmental and Ecological Impact Assessors, Traffic Management Planners and Life Support System Designers.

DRG Consulting acts as Lead Consultant on many projects building bespoke multi-disciplinary teams drawn from our extensive list of global consultancy businesses to answer the specific needs of each client. Our aim is always to provide a cost efficient yet highly effective solution to any project meaning that DRG Consulting will always add true value to your organisation or project.

Some of the companies we work with include The Petersham Group, John Regan Associates, David Lazenby Design and Spiff Design.

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