DRG Consulting Ltd Past Projects

Past Projects

Here we list a selection of the past projects that Dr David Gibson has been responsible for in the past.

The list focuses on exhibition design, installation, project management and large capital projects.

Having held senior positions in five separate attractions the entire list of major projects would be too long for this site.

Deep Sea World, Fife

  • Amazonian Rainforest Exhibit
  • Endangered Amphibians Exhibit
  • Exhibition re-structure
  • Large Shark transports

Blue Planet, Cheshire

  • Quarantine system installation
  • Spectacled Caiman Overhaul
  • Piranha Exhibit
  • Large Shark Transports

The Deep, Hull

  • Quarantine system design and installation
  • Exhibition Master Planning
  • Livestock sourcing and quarantine
  • Lighting system design
  • Life Support System overhaul
  • “The Twilight Zone” exhibition design and project management (£1.3m)
  • “Slime” exhibition design and project management (£250k)

National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth

  • Exhibition overhaul
  • Capital Investment Planning and Project Management (£500k)
  • Exhibition Planning and installation
  • Operational Management restructuring

Fota Wildlife Park, Cork

  • Park Masterplanning
  • Exhibition design and overhaul
  • Operational systems overhaul
  • Implementation of management information systems
  • Capital Investment planning and project management (3m Euro)


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