Are you feeling the benefit of Brexit?

Are you feeling the benefit of Brexit?

Many of the national bodies such as Visit Britain and predicting that the UK tourism industry will see a very real benefit from the Brexit Vote.

We wrote about this in one of our own blogs recently too.

As the Sterling remains low against the Dollar and Euro the UK looks like great value for money to inbound tourists which should see at least a temporary increase in the number of people holidaying in Britain from overseas.

Similarly, the poor exchange rate makes overseas holidays seem expensive to Brits, especially if they have followed the recent trend of booking late to try and bag a bargain.

This in itself may have been enough to encourage Brits to stay at home this summer for their main annual holiday.

This combined with unstable political situations, terrorism attacks in Europe and further afield and the confidence in foreign travel for all but the most hardened traveler is pretty low.

All this should be good news for tourism businesses.

Certainly when I talk to clients and colleagues across the UK they seem pretty buoyant with the level of business this summer.

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Accommodation bookings are up and footfall to attractions and activity providers look like being close to the recent high of 2012 when we saw the impact of Staycation 1. Spend per head looks like it is still a problem though with visitors working very much to a budget on their visits to attractions and looking for the very best deals when it comes to accommodation.

This summer could well be remembered in years to come as the start of Staycation 2!

We would love to hear your views on this though. Has your business seen an upturn in footfall this summer and if so what do you attribute it too?

How long do you think it will last and are you planning any changes in how your business operates to try and capitalize in the impact of it?

Please get in touch so we can share your experience.