DRG Consulting Ltd Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

  • Commercial/Financial Forecasting
  • Business Planning
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Segmentation and planning

Over Two Decades of Experience

Over 20 Years of Experience of planning, building and operating major attractions has provided us with a vast amount of experience in testing markets, developing concepts, creating business plans and producing reliable and realistic budgets.

We can bring this expertise to bear on your project.

Working with you and your team we will go through a structured process of exploring different concepts, researching the market potential, conceptualising a project than building realistic capital and revenue budgets.

This process will include liaison with key stakeholders in a project, analysis of strategic needs and overlaps, competitor analysis, analysis of the available market, research into funding opportunities and creation of accurate forecast budgets taking into consideration Capital and Revenue phases of the project.

Drawing on an international network of specialist architects, interpretation planners and theming designers we are able to produce Concept Designs for projects which can include both architectural and thematic work.

These concept designs help to inform the overall process of producing our reports and help our clients to better understand the proposals.

Previous Feasibility Studies have ranged from the development of complimentary commercial activities to full scale Stage I Business cases for multi-faceted projects with capital budgets in excess of £150m.

Using our Feasibility Studies clients have been successful in securing major grant funding as well as galvanising stakeholders and partners.

DRG Consulting Ltd Market Hall Feasibility Study
DRG Consulting Ltd Living Waters Feasibility Study

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