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Welcome to DRG Consulting

We are a full service consultancy company providing support to Tourism and 3rd sector businesses alike.

We have a broad range of skills and specialisms covering all aspects of planning, executing and managing projects and organisations.

Our particular focus lies in the Zoo and Public Aquarium sector but our knowledge and expertise equally covers all tourism businesses, Business Improvement Districts and place management hubs as well as the 3rd sector.

As experienced consultants we can provide support to clients on any size or complexity of project due to our flexible approach and ability to assemble multi-disciplinary teams depending on the needs of our clients.

With over 2 decades of senior management experience gained from operating major charitable and private sector attractions we have an extremely strong customer focus and a deep understanding of the challenges facing these businesses.

DRG Consulting Ltd Public Aquarium Consultancy

Public Aquarium Consultancy

The modern Public Aquarium is a highly complex beast. In addition to delivering its core objectives of education, research and conservation it must also operate as a commercially astute and financially sustainable organisation.

Aquarium exhibits are also complex with technically demanding design, construction and maintenance requirements. Achieving the correct balance between livestock, design and water quality can be a real challenge.

DRG Consulting has the expertise, skills and experience to cover all aspects of the design, planning, construction and operation of modern Public Aquariums so whatever stage your project is at we can help.

DRG Consulting Ltd Zoo Consultancy

Zoo Consultancy

A visit to the zoo is rated amongst one of the most significant influences in a child’s life. It can produce a deep and lasting empathy and connection with the natural world reinforced with memories of happy family times. Many of the worlds most influential and prominent naturalists, scientists and advocates for conservation can trace their life long relationship with the natural world back to a childhood memory of a Zoo visit.

Modern Zoo’s have a crucial role to play in the lives of their visitors and in society in general. They are the custodians of endangered species and a force for real change in regard to conservation and preservation of natural habitats. They also represent wholesome family values by providing quality family days out which appeal to every generation. A good Zoo is something to cherish and protect but they also have significant challenges.

Here at DRG Consulting we can provide advice guidance and support at any stage of a zoo project. Whether you are in the planning and design stage or thinking about a new project to enhance an existing organisation we can provide the support you require.

DRG Consulting Ltd 3rd Sector Consulting

3rd Sector Consultancy

It is increasingly common for organisations to be run as non-for-profit or wholly charitable companies. This allows the trustees and Executive Teams to focus on delivering the core objectives of the organisation whilst maximising relationships with Stakeholders.

It is vitally important that all charitable or non-for-profit organisations are organised around a set of clearly identifiable goals and that they have a Vision and Mission that all involved in the organisation understands and believes in.

Supporting these core goals there must be achievable and measurable strategies, policies and procedures which work together to enable the organisation to deliver its objectives in an efficient and sustainable way.

DRG Consulting can provide support to 3rd Sector organisations ranging from holistic strategic reviews to policy writing, senior management mentoring and delivery of feasibility studies for new projects.